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Rockport Men’s Margin Oxford Shoes Review

The world is full of people who are either fashionable or do not care about fashion at all. Fashion is not just about wearing cool clothes; it covers all aspects of one’s looks. Both men and women try different things to look good and attractive. They wear stylish clothes to suit the occasion at hand. One of the most important aspects of fashion is shoes. Men wear dress shoes to give a formal look or if they want to impress.


They make sure that when they walk, they have the best pair of shoes under their feet. Many such dress shoes are available on the market, one of which is Rockport Men’s Margin Oxford dress shoes. These are one of the most affordable and formal dress shoes on the market by Rockport. These shoes are available in different sizes and colors at a reasonable price. Here is a detailed review of the Rockport Men’s Margin Oxford dress shoes.


The design of the Rockport Men’s Margin Oxford shoes is excellent. They have a casual oxford design with a plain-toe. This design is elegant and gives a proper gentlemanly look. The heels of the shoe measure 1.25-inch and have an excellent shiny finish. The design and technology used give the shock-absorbing capability to the shoes. They are available in narrow, wide, and extra-wide sizes to accommodate all types of users.


Here are the features of these dress shoes:

  • Made of pure leather
  • Durable synthetic sole
  • 25-inch heel
  • Excellent design
  • Strobel construction
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Affordable
  • Shock absorption capability
  • Easy to clean and maintain


These are genuine leather shoes with full grain leather. It is because of this leather that the shoes are more natural and comfortable. The quality of the full grain leather is better than treated leather as it lasts longer. These shoes have rubber soles, which is made of durable synthetic rubber. The rubber is flexible and does not have deep threads, making it easy and comfortable to move around. Furthermore, the rubber soles do not apply pressure on the body, giving ease of movement. A good quality of the dual density polyurethane used to construct the shoes is that it provides shock absorption. However, the shoes are not waterproof.


One of the most crucial factors is the maintenance. These shoes are easy to maintain and clean. The full grain leather ensures that the outer part of the shoes is easy to clean and with regular polishing, you can increase their life easily.


It is a flexible pair of shoes. Not only the soles, but the entire shoe is flexible. The Rockport has a flex engineered body, so each material in the shoe, from the sole to the leather, is flexible. With this flexibility, you have the freedom to walk and run with ease. The flexibility comes from the Strobel construction, which is not present in many other products of its kind. Thanks to this flexibility, some even compare this pair of shoes to joggers.


The quality of the shoes depends on the flexibility and stability. The Rockport Men’s Margin Oxford dress shoes provide excellent stability. To support the natural walking motion, the outsoles are designed biometrically. No matter what kind of movement you wish to perform, you can do so comfortably with this pair of shoes. Stability also comes with the type of leather used. This shoe makes use of full grain leather, which makes it more stable than many other dress shoes on the market.


This product is only shipped in the US and a few other select countries. It does not have any international shipping. You can buy this product with free delivery, but the free delivery is only available for purchases that total more than $100.

Comfort level

One of the most important aspects of shoes is the comfort level provided. When it comes to comfort, this pair of shoes beats almost every other shoe on the market. It has breathable polyurethane latex footbeds, which keep feet fresh all day. It is because of the latex material used that this shoe provides reduced foot pressure. It also has an ankle collar and a padded tongue, which provides extra comfort. The material used for the construction of this shoe is lightweight, which adds to the comfort level. You won’t feel those heavy leather dress shoes while walking in this pair of shoes.


The price of this pair of shoes is  lower than many other shoes on the market.Therefore, if you are looking for footwear which is comfortable as well as affordable, buy this pair of shoes. You won’t find many shoes on the market which offer versatile features with such a low price tag. Once you have read the above review, you will know that it is quite an excellent choice for dress shoes.


The Rockport Men’s Margin Oxford dress shoes are affordable and comfortable casual dress shoes on the market that are available for a cheap price. It is a reasonable price for an excellent and versatile pair of shoes. You can wear these shoes to any event such as a wedding or a casual meeting at the office. These shoes have an ankle collar which provides an extra bit of comfort and with the help of the Strobel construction, you will feel the flexibility while walking. These shoes also offer reduced foot pressure with the support of Latex footbed cushions, making them an excellent choice for everyday walks. You can even run in these shoes. Furthermore, this pair of shoes is easy to clean because of the full grain leather upper.




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