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Merrell Women’s Encore Breeze 3 Slip-On Shoe Review

Encore Breeze 3 slip-on shoe is one of the many shoe designs that have been manufactured by Merrell in its attempts to provide women with comfortable footwear. Merrell began its journey in 1981 with Randy Merrell producing custom boots that were handmade for a small group of outdoor fanatics. Eventually, Randy moved on to manufacturing hiking boots and soon, as the word spread, the North American company expanded its manufacturing arena by introducing cowboy boot technology and targeting new segments.


Among the many segments, women were also targeted as Merrell began innovating to introduce new boots and shoes designed specifically for women. Now, the company has launched the Encore Breeze 3 slip-on shoe for women, which has already received good feedbacks. It has been made available at prices that range below three figures and has been built to last and provide comfort for the long haul.


Merrell is known to have carefully tapped into the women’s segment and perfectly catered to their needs. This becomes more evident by the variety of colors that it provides for the Encore Breeze 3 model. Women are known to want colors in their clothes and shoes so that they are able to mix and match. Merrell has picked up on this tiny yet crucial detail in its segment and offers about eleven different colors for this shoe model alone. The colors include black, navy, aluminum, dark earth, silver birch, dragonfly, royal blue, Maui blue, spicy orange, paradise green, and violet. The shoe’s dimension specifics are 12 x 7 x 5 inches. It has an aesthetically pleasing round-toe design and it arrives in several sizes, of course, to fit the needs of users of various age groups.


Merrell has created the Encore Breeze 3 slip-on shoe with quite a few remarkable features, which help it stand out from the other models. One of the key features is that the shoe is ventilated. It has been given a mesh upper and the mesh fabric is breathable, which means that the shoe can be worn for longer hours and that the user will not feel warm or sweaty. This is good news for athletic women who are seeking comfort with durability.

The second key feature is that the shoe has been constructed with an inner lining of breathable mesh as well, which wicks moisture and further helps keep feet dry.

Another key feature is that the Encore Breeze 3 has been created using the M Select GRIP technology, which involves a synthetic sole being placed at the bottom. It is waterproof and hence, provides stability on both wet and dry grounds. It does not result in the shoe making a lot of noise while walking and further enables the shoe to be more comfortable for walking.

Moreover, this shoe model is part of Merrell’s vegan-friendly footwear line. The company has introduced this line as part of its environmental friendly campaign. Thus, the Encore Breeze 3 contains only synthetic materials i.e. it uses no animal products.

Furthermore, the shoes have been designed with an air cushion in place at the heel. This not only provides comfort and stability while walking or running but also absorbs shock.

In addition, the Encore Breeze 3 slip-on shoe has been built with M Select FIT.ECO technology, which enables a footbed made of ethyl vinyl acetate (EVA) to control the body odor. Thus, these shoes are unlikely to emit odor even when worn for a long time.

Overall, the Encore Breeze 3 slip-on shoe has met with good customer reviews. Most women have found it to deliver everything that it promises. The upper mesh has been found to be of good quality and the fact that it can be cleaned is commendable. The design has been claimed to be sleeker than other versions and the colors are thought to be quite eye-pleasing. So many women are praising this model, claiming it to be a perfectly aesthetic fit with jeans. Moreover, the arch support that the shoes offer makes them extremely comfortable. Even working women have chosen to wear this shoe to their offices, which have concrete floors and thus, coerce them to seek comfort in their footwear. Women with foot issues such a bunions find the Encore Breeze 3 to be the best solution for their troubles.

However, the shoe has not been well-received by some users. The inner cushion is considered to be less padded, making the shoe quite uncomfortable. Some women have even claimed that the Encore Breeze 3 blatantly hurts their feet, blaming Merrell for cutting down on quality. These are, however, exceptional cases where the shoe could not deliver a good performance. Overall, the luxury feel of the shoe has been found to blend quite well with the reasonable price at which the shoe is being offered.


Merrell is an American company that has been in operation since 1981. It has been manufacturing a wide range of shoes such as hiking boots and cowboy boots. It is environmentally conscious and has launched an animal-friendly line of shoes amongst which lie the Encore Breeze 3.

It has, thus, been constructed using only synthetic materials, including a synthetic sole. The sole is one of its key features as it is waterproof and offers stability over wet and dry land. The round-toe shoe is aesthetically appealing, being available in eleven different colors. Moreover, it possesses a mesh upper along with a mesh inner lining. The mesh fabric itself is breathable which makes the shoe ventilated, keeping the inner temperature of the shoe cool. The inner lining has been designed to absorb moisture, leaving the user with dry feet even after it has been worn for a long duration. Furthermore, the air cushion at the heel absorbs shock and provides support while walking or running. In short, the Encore Breeze 3 is made particularly for women seeking luxury at an affordable price.

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