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ECCO Men’s Windsor Slip-On Dress Shoe Review

Windsor slip-on dress shoe is one of the many shoe designs manufactured by ECCO to fulfill its aim of providing men with comfortable footwear. The European company was established in 1963 in Bredebro, Denmark and has long since then expanded its empire into both Europe and Asia. It not only manufactures shoes but also produces the leather that goes into making those shoes, all the while ensuring that its factories are working in environmental-friendly ways.

ECCO Mens Windsor Slip-On Dress Shoe

From this, it can be deduced that the Windsor slip-on dress shoe by ECCO will be eco-friendly along with being extremely comfortable. In this light, it appears as no surprise that this shoe model by ECCO has received 4.3 out of 5 stars.


ECCO has made the Windsor slip-on dress shoe available for men in three different colors which include basic black, cocoa brown, and black Brazilian calfskin leather. Its dimension specifics are 14 x 5 x 5 inches. It arrives in several sizes, of course, to fit the needs of users of various age groups. The aesthetics of the shoe are quite stunning, which is why it looks incredible in all the available colors. This, of course, means that you will not regret purchasing it in any of the colors.


This Windsor slip-on dress shoe has been created with several remarkable features. One of its primary features is the material it is made up of – leather. ECCO produces its own leather and uses it to manufacture these shoes. It is of fine quality, made through environmental-friendly ways, and burnished well to give a rich appearance to the shoe.

Another feature of this shoe is the elastic goring which has been provided at the instep. These elastic panels enable the shoe to stretch and thus, provide space and comfort to the user.

Another feature to consider is the rubber sole that has been placed at the bottom of the shoe. It is waterproof and does not result in the shoe making a lot of noise while walking. It further enables the shoe to prove to be more comfortable for walking.

A noticeable feature in this slip-on dress shoe is the sole inside the shoe. First of all, the insole is removable, which is good because some users prefer no insole at all. Secondly, the insole design is such that it absorbs moisture. It has been created using ECCO Comfort Fiber System, which improves air circulation and helps reduce any odor that comes about as a result of spending too many hours wearing the shoes.

Moreover, the Windsor slip-on dress shoe is an apron-toe style shoe. There is an ECCO logo embossed on one side of the shoe, while on both sides, the manufacturer has worked with stretch goring that has been carefully concealed to give the shoe an elegant look and enable it to provide comfort.

Furthermore, ECCO has gone out of its way to provide its users a good blend of style and ease. As a result, the Windsor slip-on dress shoe has been lined with leather on the inside as well. The inner leather lining gives the shoe a complete, sleek finish. It also offers a luxury feel to men using it, unlike other shoes where the interior is unlined and the roughness hurts the feet.

Generally, the Windsor slip-on dress shoe for men by ECCO has been well received by consumers. Most of them have found the shoe to be one of the finest, long-lasting shoes they have ever bought. Its reasonable price makes it good value for money as well. Moreover, it has been found that the shoes work well under any environment, be it snow or dust. Some men have even experimented the durability of the shoes in dirty working conditions and they have not been disappointed!

The removable insole also proves to be a great way to adjust the fitting of the shoe according to the user’s needs. This flexibility is highly appreciated by users who have difficulty in finding shoes that fit them well. Furthermore, the appearance of the shoe is formal while the sole underneath is made of rubber, which is often not the case for formal dress shoes. Although most formal dress shoes have leather soles, the rubber soles of the Windsor slip-on dress shoe prove to have good traction and do not absorb water or oil. Many users like the fact that such soles have been attached to a formal-looking shoe. Of course, some users have felt that the sole deteriorates easily, but these are mere exceptions. Overall, the price and the quality combination of these ECCO shoes has been highly commended.


ECCO is a European company that manufactures leather, which it further employs in the production of its branded shoes. It is attentive towards the environment and therefore, manufactures via environmental-friendly ways. It has, since birth, aimed to provide comfortable footwear for everyone. In its attempt to fulfill this goal, ECCO has launched its Windsor slip-on dress shoe for men, which combines elegance with comfort.

The apron-toe style shoe is attractive with the company logo embossed on both pairs. It is an all-leather shoe built with elastic panels that enable stretching and thus, offers a comfortable fit. The removable insole is designed using ECCO Comfort Fiber System, which allows for a reduction in odor. Moreover, it has been lined with leather on the inside and possesses a rubber sole. With such amazing features, the shoe has been surprisingly priced at a reasonable margin, thus making it a good value for money product. It is particularly appealing to office workers who want a formal-looking shoe yet need it to be comfortable for their all-day-long use.


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