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Drew Shoe Men’s Gabriel Slip-On Clog Review

Today, most people like to wear clog shoes as they are comfortable. The primary goal of this design is to make the shoe natural to wear. You do not have to tie laces to put the shoes on. All you need to do is put your feet in the shoes and walk. They are quite an attractive choice for both men and women. You can purchase clog shoes in many styles and sizes and wear them to the market, when meeting with friends, or anywhere you like. They are not formal dress shoes but casual wear shoes. You will find that clog shoes are part of many cultures across the world, but today, almost everyone wears them casually. This pair of shoes is famous because of the ease and comfort in wearing and taking it off. You should wear clog shoes if you want to be casual.


There are many clog shoes available in the market, one of which is the Drew Shoe Men’s Gabriel slip-on clog. It is an excellent product and makes sure that when you walk around casually, you have the best pair of clogs under your feet. Here is a detailed review of the Drew Shoe Men’s Gabriel slip-on clog.


Unlike most casual footwear, these shoes have an excellent therapeutic design with a casual clog design and a toe end. The heels of the shoe measure 1.25-inch and the shoes have an excellent leather finish on top. With this design, you can walk in these shoes comfortably. They fit almost everyone as the design is available in all kinds of sizes.


Here are the features of the Drew Shoe Men’s Gabriel slip-on clog:

  • Made of genuine leather
  • A long-lasting synthetic sole
  • Two removable footbeds
  • 25-inch heel
  • Double depth
  • Excellent design
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Affordable
  • Accommodates orthotics
  • Easy to clean and maintain


Like many other Drew Shoe products, this is a genuine pair of leather shoes with full grain leather. The genuine leather makes these shoes more comfortable and easy to wear than the usual shoes. It is also the leather which makes the overall design look better, and the quality of the leather used on these shoes is excellent. Furthermore, the full grain leather lasts longer than treated leather. The upper is all leather, while the soles are made of a durable synthetic rubber, which is better than most other materials used for the soles. You will feel the comfort and softness of the soles once you wear the clogs. Like many other clog shoes, this pair is also quite flexible and does not have deep threads. There is no pressure applied on the heels while you walk as the rubber soles give an ease of movement for anyone who wears it. No matter what your weight is, these rubber soles will last long.

The outsole is made of lightweight polyurethane. It is the reason these shoes are lightweight and you won’t even feel them on your feet while walking.


Clog shoes are always easier to maintain and clean. You can clean them from the inside out with ease. If you polish the leather on the outside and keep the shoes clean, you can increase their lifespan.


Clogs are well-known for flexibility. The material used to construct the upper and lower part of the Drew Shoe Men’s Gabriel slip-on clog ensures flexibility. These shoes fit comfortably, which is why you can even run with ease while wearing these shoes. The flexibility also comes with the orthotics as these shoes accommodate it, which makes it easy to wear them and provides excellent support for the feet.


The double depth allows stability, and the lightweight polyurethane outsole makes these shoes even more durable and stable. These clog shoes use therapeutic science to provide an enhanced natural walking motion. The stability of these shoes is also thanks to the outsole material as they are made of genuine leather and an excellent quality synthetic sole.


This product is only shipped in the US and a few other countries. It does not have any international shipping. You can buy this product with free delivery, but the free delivery is only available for purchases of more than $100.

Comfort level

The Drew Men’s Gabriel slip-on clog shoes are extremely comfortable. The leather is soft and the double depth of the sole ensures that the feet don’t feel any pressure. Once you wear them, you will feel the even distribution of the force and weight applied on the shoes. It is thanks to orthotics that you can walk and run comfortably in them.


The price of this pair of shoes is cheap as compared to similar brands on the market.

Therefore, if you are looking for casual footwear to wear at home or for your morning and evening walks, these clog-in shoes are the best choice. This pair of shoes has many features which are not present in other products, and the clog design makes it an excellent choice for casual wear.


The Drew Shoe Men’s Gabriel slip-on clog shoes are affordable and comfortable. The price of these shoes is $79.99, which is reasonable for an excellent pair of shoes. The overall design of the shoes is good, and it is easy to put them on and take them off. These shoes are made of genuine leather with a long-lasting synthetic sole. The sole is made of lightweight polyurethane, which ensures comfort for the feet. The shoes come with a pair of two removable footbeds, which are so lightweight that you will feel like walking on the clouds. These shoes also keep the feet healthy and fresh. Make sure that you buy these shoes if you wish to wear them for a long time.



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