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Dansko Women’s Celeste Slip-On Loafer Review

The Celeste slip-on loafer has been designed by Dansko for women in general and working females in particular. The company is completely employee owned. It is based in Pennsylvania and was founded in 1990 by a husband and wife team, Peter Kjellerup and Mandy Cabot. The duo found a pair of the most comfortable shoes in a tiny shop in Europe. They recommended it to their friends and as the word spread, a company came into existence. Since then, Dansko has expanded its product variety, making shoes of various styles for both men and women.

As the times have progressed and women have begun their journey in the working arena, Dansko has been their advocate through a provision of comfortable yet stylish shoes that are perfect on the go. The Celeste slip-on loafers have been provided by Dansko with a moderate price ranging.


The Celeste shoe model has been created with 12 x 8 x 4 inches in dimension. Dansko has well-tapped the women’s segment of its overall consumer market, realizing the importance females place on variety in color. Therefore, the company has made the Celeste slip-on loafer for women available in three hues: Wine Milled Nubuck which appears to be a unique mix of magenta and pink, Brown Milled Nubuck which is a darker, distinctive shade of basic brown, and Black Milled Nubuck. Overall, it has an aesthetic structure and has been made available in different sizes to fit the needs of a range of age groups.


Dansko has produced and designed the Celeste slip-on loafer for women with quite a few remarkable features, which make it one of the company’s outstanding shoe models. One of the key features of the shoe is that it possesses a Vibram natural rubber sole. These soles are known to be waterproof and are long-lasting. They also offer good traction and stability on various types of grounds.
Another key feature of the Celeste model is that its upper panel has been built using Milled Nubuck. Nubuck is a different kind of leather that is being tampered with to provide a textural effect. This gives the shoe an attractive appearance. Moreover, the leather is not only soft and waterproof but also stain-resistant. This makes the shoe easy to care for and clean.
The midsole that has been placed inside the shoe is also amazing. It is not only lightweight but also absorbs shock, providing comfort and support while walking.
A feature worth mentioning is the inner sole of the shoe. The insole is removable, which is good as some users prefer no insole at all. Furthermore, the insole design is such that it absorbs moisture and is waterproof. This leaves users with dry feet despite wearing them for a long duration.
The Celeste slip-on loafer has been created with DuPont’s Corona Fiber on the inside combined with Cleansport NXT technology which helps control odor. This results in the shoe being extremely soft and remaining odor-free even when worn for a long time.
Moreover, Dansko has manufactured the Celeste model with an ethyl vinyl acetate (EVA) footbed of triple density. It provides extra support and helps minimize stress and fatigue levels in users. It is removable as well, which makes the shoe quite flexible to cater to users who don’t require such a strong footbed.
The Celeste slip-on loafer also features a built-in shank that further enables the shoe to provide stability and extra support in walking, running, etc.
Dansko’s Celeste slip-on loafers for women have been known to make a great first impression. Several women who have used it have found the shoes to be durable and work well when working in places where they have to walk a lot such as a hospital. They provide swift movement and agility to the user. The footbed is immediately discovered to be supportive, soft, and cozy. Many have used the shoes for hiking as well and have found them to be as comfortable and sturdy on higher terrain as they appear to be on the normal ground. Moreover, working women feel that the no-fatigue promise of the shoe has been well kept. Many nurses who work around the clock and are on their feet at all times have commended the model for holding up well and not leaving their legs feeling sore. The light weight of the shoes is thought to be an added bonus.
However, some users have complained that the shoe is not slip-resistant as had been promoted. However, even these users have appreciated the luxury feel of the shoe and the fact that they’re easy to clean. Furthermore, the price of the shoe is reasonable when compared to the qualities that it offers. Thus, it has been well-received by the target market that it was intended for working women.


Dansko is a company based in Pennsylvania, founded by a husband and wife duo in 1990. Since then, the company has introduced a good variety in the shoes that it offers. Celeste slip-on loafer is one of the many models it has manufactured specially for working women. It is available in three different colors and has been produced with an exterior made of Milled Nubuck. Nubuck is a special waterproof, stain-resistant leather which makes Celeste easier to clean and care for. The model is also lined on the inside with a moisture-absorbent membrane, which helps users attain a dry inner environment even when the shoe has been worn for hours.
Moreover, Dansko has used a combination of DuPont’s Corona Fiber and Cleansport NXT technology that enables the Celeste slip-on loafer to remain soft and odor-free for a long time. Furthermore, the shoe has a natural rubber sole made by Vibram, which is placed underneath it. It offers resistance from water and more stability in walking. Overall, the price and the quality blend of the Celeste slip-on loafers is commendable.

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