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How Comfortable Shoes for Women Who Stand All Day Can Ease Your Pain


Most of the times, women spend a lot of time selecting good looking shoes that will make them look immensely elegant while walking or while at major events. However, when it comes to work where you are required to spend all day standing, it becomes difficult to select a good and comfortable shoe. Thus, as a woman, you may be having a problem with the type of shoes you wear and go with to your work. This is because; most of the shoes that women select to be wearing on weekends and on different occasions are totally different from the shoes that are needed for their comfort at work.

Nonetheless, there are many types of comfortable shoes for standing all day. Such shoes are the right ones to be worn by women at their work so as to care for their feet. They also prevent painful moments while standing at work. Below are some of the comfortable shoes for standing all day at work that you should consider to ease your pain.

1. Dr. Scholl’s Women’s Friendly Ballet Flat

This type of shoe has been preferred by many women for very many years. The shoes are very simple to wear and walk with. They do not have shoe laces thus; it is easy for you to remove them during the lunch break or any other time while you are resting. They are also easy and fast to wear and walk to your workplace comfortably. They have slight heels put in place to support your arch in order to prevent cases such as plantar fasciitis after standing for a long time. The shoes are also supported by cushions on the sole. The cushions allow an exchange of air in the interior keeping your feet dry the whole day. This shoe has been rated as one of the most comfortable shoes for standing all day at work.

2. SAS Women’s Dream Slip-on Shoes

It is a purely leather soft flat shoe. For years now, it has acted as a solution for women who have had problems with their feet at work or even while walking. The shoe comes with all sizes thus there is no need to worry whether your number is in the market. At the same time, the shoe has an elastic sole that makes your feet feel comfortable while walking on grounds such as staircases. In the interior of the shoe, it is well fitted with cushions that act to warm your feet in case of cold and unfavorable weather. It is a flexible shoe with a spacious front space to give space for your toes without squeezing them. The shoe is also considered by many due to its inner soles which keep your feet in its position. It has been rated as one of the comfortable women’s’ shoes for standing all day.

3. Dansko Women’s Eartha Clog

This shoe has a shape that is purely formal and accepted in the office. Having no shoe laces, it is very easy to wear even when you are in a hurry to go to work. It also has a flat elastic sole that is supportive of your arch as you look forward to spending your day standing. Its exterior suede covering is easy to maintain for a long time thus increasing the durability. The shoe has a cloth lining on the wearing part which is extended inside. This provides support and warmth to your feet even in the cold winter seasons. Therefore, you can be able to stand comfortably without having a numbness feeling in your feet during cold weathers. The cloth and the interior cushions allow for breathability of your feet thus keeping your feet dry all day. The cushions also support your arch so that you can stand for a long time without any difficulties or pain. If you are looking for comfortable shoes for standing all day you can go for the Dansko Women’s Eartha Clog which is kind to your feet and pocket-friendly too.

4. Skechers for Work Women’s Sure Track Slip Resistant Shoe

The sole of this shoe is designed with rubber for slip resistance. With this shoe, you can stand as long as you want without fearing to slip down even when walking on a slippery ground. It is a comfortable shoe which is very easy to wear. It has no shoe laces thus you can remove or wear them easily when you want to. It is spacious enough especially in its front part to allow toes for a larger space. It is designed with cushions in its interior and thus it supports and warm your feet. The cushions also support your feet and arch allowing you to stand comfortably for a long time. This shoe is among the most comfortable shoes for standing all day at work while easing your pain.

5. Nurse Mates Women’s Libby Slip-Resistant Casual Clog

The shoe was renamed after it was praised by the nurses for fitting their work demands and standards. Apart from its cheap price, the shoe is very supportive and easy to walk, run, or stand the whole day with. With the uncertainties of the nurses’ work which includes lengthy standing, most of them chose it just after it hit the market. It is a leather shoe with the elastic sole which is easy to walk with. It has cushions in the interior which support the feet and the arch. Its inner soles are removable if you need to adjust its size. It has a sole that is pretty resistant to sliding and thus you can wear it all day without worry or fear of falling or sliding. It is one of the few best comfortable shoes for standing all day at work.


To stand on your feet for a long time while working can bring you a lot of pain and severely uncomfortable moments. Furthermore, if you wear the wrong choice of shoes such as; high heels, pure leather shoes, or tight shoes, you will likely suffer pain and lack comfort. Your feet need to be taken care of while at work since it is at work where you spend a lot of your time in the week.

With many companies and shoe dealers having refined many comfortable women’s’ shoes for standing all day, all you need is to find your best fit and go for it. Do not let feet pain distract you or cause you to underperform while at work. Try a different shoe today and you will have an experience that will improve your life and comfort at work.

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