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Best Shoes for Nurses to Wear on Long Shifts

best shoes for nurses

Nurses are underappreciated for the work that they do on a daily basis. Not only do they have to take care of the patients, but they also have to ensure that everyone gets their medicine on time and there are no complications after surgeries. Thus, nurses are expected to be up on their feet and moving during most of their shifts at the hospital. This makes things worse for these noble beings as they are susceptible to leg and foot pain due to the nature of their work. Many nurses have complained that they have developed striking pains in their joints because of what’s expected of them.

Due to the respect that we have for their profession and the work that they do, we have decided to compile a list of shoes that will aid them in relieving some of the stress and pain that they tend to feel during their long shifts. Compiled below is our list of the best shoes for nurses.

1. Dansko Women’s Professional Patent Clog

Dansko is widely regarded as one of the best manufacturers of shoes in the world. It has earned this reputation by always adhering to its principles and producing the highest quality products in the market. Dansko Women’s Professional Patent Clog is a shoe that highlights everything that is great about this footwear juggernaut. These shoes were designed with the high demands of a nurse’s daily routine in mind, and it’s safe to say that they have delivered. The design of the Professional Patent Clog promotes comfort and reduces stress. This enables nurses to go on about their business without much hassle. What we love about these shoes is that they are equal parts fashionable and practical. This means that you can wear them during your nursing shifts or on a casual hangout with your friends. Dansko Women’s Professional Patent Clog has incredible ergonomics, stays firmly on your feet, and doesn’t cause a fortune, which is why it comes as a surprise to no one that it is one of the best selling shoes for nurses available in the market.

2. Timberland Pro Women’s Renova Pewter Clog

Timberland has marketed this shoe as the best shoe for a nurse to wear. This is because it comes with an anti-fatigue technology which provides exceptional shock absorption and, in turn, makes it possible for nurses to be on their feet for the entirety of the day. Knowing full well that some nurses have to walk on marble floors and need their footwear to have a nice, firm grip, Timberland has made sure that its Pro Women’s Renova Pewter Clog shoes minimize a nurse’s chance of slipping in the workplace. This allows nurses to move around the hospital or clinic with comfort and confidence.

For those who are skeptical about the performance level of this product, Timberland has good news as it offers this product with a thirty-day guarantee. This should be sufficient time for nurses to acquaint themselves with the shoes and reject them if they don’t find them comfortable. What we love about this product is that it is built to last ages, which means that even though it is quite expensive, it will save you a fortune in the long run.

3. Merrell Pro Grip Work Clog

Merrell is known for its high-quality shoes. The Merrell Pro Grip Work Clog is footwear that lays great emphasis on foot care. Not only does it provide great comfort to the wearer, but it also offers an unparalleled grip on slippery surfaces. This makes it perfect for nurses to try and wear. We all know that nurses work long hours and are susceptible to heel conditions like plantar fasciitis, which is essentially the stiffening of a person’s heel. To those who suffer from this condition, we recommend trying out Merrell Pro Grip Work Clog as it is designed to relieve foot stress and make it easier for people to travel long distances.

The design of this shoe is very practical. It has a synthetic rubber top which protects the shoe from wear and tear and makes it last ages, the slip-resistant heel of the shoe makes sure that you don’t lose your grip, and the insole of the Merrell Pro Grip Work Clog offers excellent shock absorption. All these features justify why it has made it to such a high spot on our list and should justify your decision should you decide to buy a pair.

4. Alegria Paloma Mary Jane

If we’re completely honest, Alegria’s entire Paloma series deserves a place on this list. To make things easier, we have decided to opt for just one model for this list. We have selected the ever popular Alegria Paloma Mary Jane, and it is very easy to see why. Practicality? Check. Style? Check. Comfort? Check. Simply put, Alegria’s Paloma Mary Jane ticks all the boxes for features that any good shoe for nurses should have and then some.

The outstanding characteristic of the Mary Jane is its exclusive leather insole. This is what makes the shoe so comfortable. Not only is the material selected for the insole soft, but it is also quite slim, which means that the shoe offers excellent protection to your heel from shocks. This makes working in long shifts easier.  Also, the shoe’s fit can be adjusted by the strap, which enables you to either loosen or tighten your shoe so that it always feels comfortable. Alegria Paloma Mary Jane is a great product that we highly recommend to all nurses who are expected to be on their feet for the entirety of their day.

5. Skechers Women’s Loving Life Memory Foam

Skechers is a brand that is synonymous with high-quality footwear. The shoes and boots that Skechers make are lightweight enough so that they don’t slow you down yet robust enough to withstand wear and tear. Skechers has also made products for people who work long shifts and need to stand for the majority of their day. One such Skechers product is the Women’s Loving Life Memory Foam shoe.

What’s amazing about this shoe is that it has a comfy insole, which makes it ideal for people who spend a significant part of their day on their feet. The memory foam sole is also quite supportive, which is why it has become a popular choice for people who suffer from plantar fasciitis. The shoe is firm enough so that it doesn’t wiggle when you walk and is great in reducing the stress felt on the lower part of your heel. Skechers Women’s Loving Life Memory Foam is a commercial success because it offers all the features a good shoe for people who stand all day should have, and that too at a fraction of the price of its competitors. Thus, for nurses, it is one of the most comfortable shoes that you can buy if you are looking for high-quality foot care on a budget.

6. Cherokee Women’s Peacock Work Shoe

What separates Cherokee’s Women’s Peacock Work Shoe from other items on this list is that it is the only product that is made from 100% cotton. Due to the softness of the material used, it goes without saying that this shoe is great at reducing foot stress. Nurses all over the world have reported that they feel comfortable when they walk around in their Cherokee Women’s Peacock Work Shoe. What we love about this shoe is that due to being made from cotton, it is extremely lightweight and makes walking around easy. Just like the Skechers product on this list, the Cherokee Women’s Peacock Work Shoe is an economical option for nurses to explore. Why break the bank when you can have all the essential features at a significantly low price? Because of all these reasons, we recommend the Cherokee Women’s Peacock Work Shoe to nurses looking for the right shoes to wear on their long shifts at a reasonable price of 48 USD.

7. Dickies “Twin Gore Step In Shoe ‘Intense'”

Dickies may be known for its fancy and formal shoes, but that doesn’t mean that it only caters to that niche. It may come as a surprise to many that Dickies has launched a product that is ideal for nurses and other people who work long shifts. The Dickies Twin Gore Step In Shoe is a brilliant product that is severely underrated in the market. Not only is it made from 100% washable leather (which makes maintaining the shoe very comfortable), but it also has a slip-resistant outsole. Not only that, but the insole is also quite comfortable, which makes it perfect for nurses as they can’t walk around in shoes that are stiff. This nursing shoe comes in two different colors (black and white) and is available in a broad and regular size, so there’s a high probability that you can find the one that fits you the best. It may be a little more expensive than the other items on the list, but at just 60 USD, we feel it is an absolute bargain.

8. Klogs USA Women’s Mission Mule

One of the highest rated products on this list (and in the market), the Klogs USA Women’s Mission Mule shoe is the go-to choice of female nurses. This is due to the fact that it is as stylish as it is practical. What we love about this shoe is that it is available in many different color contrasts and patterns, so you can make a fashion statement while being highly practical at the same time. It is made from leather, but despite that, it is surprisingly lightweight. It has a slippage resistant outsole, which makes it perfect for nurses who are expected to walk on slippery surfaces like marble all day. Many people are put off by the 69 USD price tag on this shoe, but we advise them to look beyond that. For this price, you’re getting good foot care that will stand the test of time.

9. New Balance Women’s WX608V4 Training Shoe

Admittedly, New Balance has marketed this shoe as a good choice for female tennis players. We, on the other hand, think that it is also a valid option for nurses to explore. New Balance is known in the industry for providing athletic shoes that are of the highest quality, and the WX608V4 Training Shoe is a testament to this fact. Lightweight, robust, and comfortable, the New Balance Women’s WX608V4 Training Shoe has everything that a good shoe for nurses must have. We love this product because of the material used in its manufacture and its ABZORB heel, which is widely regarded as one of the best protections you can give your foot against shocks while walking or sprinting. Thus, we highly recommend it to female nurses and athletes who want to perform their jobs as comfortably as possible.

10. Keds Women’s Spirit Leather Sneaker

Keds Women’s Spirit Leather Sneaker may seem like a dark horse on this list at first, but the more you analyze the shoe, the more you notice why we have included it here. Right off the bat, it is very lightweight and offers excellent protection to your heel while walking. What we love about this shoe is that its collar and footbed are padded with comfortable material, which only makes the experience of wearing this shoe more memorable. What really surprised us when we tried on this product was its incredible flexibility. While we don’t know what aspect of the model to attribute it to, it was a welcome surprise. In a world that’s obsessed with robust shoes (because they tend to be firmer), Keds has opted for a flexible design and has proven, once and for all, that flexibility and firmness are not mutually exclusive. For that, we feel that it should be commended.


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