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5 Best Dress Shoes for Men Standing All Day

mens dress shoes for standing all day

Dress shoes are all the rage in men’s footwear. Not only do they differentiate you from your peers, but they also look classy, which is an important part of any look. Nowadays, the market is littered with poor quality products that claim to be something they’re not. Sub-standard products and false labeling have made it impossible for customers to be sure of the product they’re buying. The same applies to dress shoes that promise a significant degree of comfort. We’ve had numerous reports of people not finding any comfort in their ‘comfortable dress shoes.’ To end this problem, we have decided to come up with a list of our own that lists the top five dress shoes for men who have to stand all day.

1. Dansko Men’s Wyatt Loafer

Dansko Mens Wyatt LoaferDansko is one of the best brands when it comes to comfortable footwear. It is known for producing quality products that you can wear all day. Wyatt Loafer for Men is a product that combines comfort with class. The best thing about these shoes is that they have a comfortable sole, which makes it easier for you to go about your business without a worry in the world. Also, they don’t stick out like a sore thumb when you wear them with a three-piece suit, which is an added benefit.


2. Rockport Men’s World Tour Classic Walking Shoe

Rockport Mens World Tour Classic Walking ShoeThe World Tour Classic Walking Shoe is a testament to how far Rockport has come from its early days. It is a very lightweight product that goes well with jeans and dress pants alike. The World Tour Classic Walking Shoe is water resistant and comes with three leather options that can accentuate any style. Marketed as a ‘business casual dress sneaker,’ Rockport’s World Tour Classic Walking Shoe is the perfect choice for men because it relieves foot stress with its high-quality shock absorbers. This shoe is significantly cheaper than any other product on this list, so it is the perfect choice for men shopping on a budget, which makes it one of the best men’s dress shoes for standing all day.


3. Skechers for Work Men’s Cottonwood Goddard Shoes

Skechers for Work Mens Cottonwood Goddard ShoesSkechers is easily the titan of the footwear industry. It is known worldwide for making the highest quality shoes that tend to last a lifetime. Skechers’ Cottonwood Goddard Shoes reflect why the company occupies the number one position in the world of shoes. The Cottonwood Goddard Shoes are extremely practical and should go well with whatever you wear. Whether you want to wear these shoes with denim jeans or cotton pants, they will blend right in. However, these shoes are not bland at all but are rather simple in their design. This simplicity is the reason why these shoes are so comfortable. By removing all the ornate embellishments, Skechers has produced a product that is very functional. Besides being lightweight, it offers unparalleled support and comfort to the wearer. Add the fact that it looks good with whatever you wear, and you will know why this product is such a commercial success.


4. ECCO Helsinki Cap-Toe Oxford Dress Shoe

ECCO Helsinki Cap-Toe Oxford Dress ShoeECCO’s men dress shoes are some of the most comfortable shoes that you can buy. However, people have complained that these shoes are extremely susceptible to wear and tear. As a result, ECCO has produced its toughest product yet i.e. the Helsinki Cap-Toe Oxford Dress Shoe. This shoe is so robust that it will last for ages. Its toughness does not mean that the product is stiff or uncomfortable to wear. What astounds the wearer is that these shoes offer lots of comforts, and that is why they find a position on this list. The Helsinki Cap-Toe Oxford Dress Shoe is ideally suited to tie a formal look together without being a torture to wear. The padded insole of the shoe absorbs a lot of shocks while walking, and the shoes’ incredible arch support make it one of the comfiest shoes to wear.


5. Clarks Men’s Natureveldt Oxford

Clarks Mens Natureveldt OxfordClarks is rightly considered as one of the best shoe makers active in the industry today. Not only are its shoes comfortable to wear, but they also offer a great deal of foot support. Having operated in the European footwear industry for generations, Clarks has used its incredibly vast experience to engineer a product that may very well be its crowning jewel. Clarks Men’s Natureveldt Oxford doesn’t just look good; it feels good as well. The robust design of these leather classic loafers only adds class to an already stunning shoe. The design is quite wide, so the shoe doesn’t feel like it has a vice-like grip on your foot. Due to the comfort provided by these shoes, they are the ideal choice when you’re looking to wear something comfortable yet classy on your next business trip and are rightly regarded as one of the best men’s dress shoes for standing all day.


Honorable Mention: Hush Puppies Leverage

Hush Puppies is easily one of the most recognizable brands of footwear in the market. It is known for making good shoes that tend to stand the test of time. The Hush Puppies Leverage is also a good product that can help you get some relief when you have to stand on your feet for the entirety of the day. Whether you’re a stock broker who doesn’t have the time to sit or a businessman who is expected to deliver a presentation in a white collar environment, the Hush Puppies Leverage is a good choice for you to explore. These shoes are extremely comfortable to wear as they house a breathable textile lining. The insole of the Hush Puppies Leverage is incredibly soft and lightweight without being thin, which makes it perfect for shock absorption while walking. Moreover, these shoes are weatherproof, which means that you will be well prepared to handle any unforeseeable circumstances. These shoes also have a gel pad under the heel, which is the main reason this product finds its way on this list. The added gel pad relieves foot stress and makes it easier for you to get around with an extra degree of comfort.

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