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10 Facts About Best Athletic Shoes For Standing All Day

There are shoes specifically designed for people who have to stand all day. The crucial thing is, best athletic shoes for standing all day need specific design as well. That obviously brings to your mind the next question; how different are they from regular shoes and what is it that makes them suitable for all day wear?
The main and difference between the usage of normal shoes and the shoes that have to be worn all day is the duration of wear by the user. This would lead one to believe that injuries are caused by the activity one engages in while wearing the shoe, but that’s a myth. It is the shoe and how it is designed that plays a major role in either supporting your body or causing it harm. Stated otherwise, it means that you can avoid leg pain and other problems such as corns, bunions, etc, by choosing the right shoes.

Different shoes for men and women

Another interesting fact is that there is a big difference in the way shoes are made for men and women, even though they are athletic shoes made for standing all day. We will quickly see the difference between the men’s shoes and the women’s shoes and then take a look at the general points that need to be considered by both while buying the best athletic shoes for standing all day. Here are a few main differences:

i.    The shape of the shoe

Women’s shoes for standing all day are built a little wider at the toes than the men’s shoes. This is an easy way to help distinguish women’s and men’s shoes.

ii.    The Q-Angle

Q- Angle is the angle of the quad muscle in relation to the kneecap. Women need to have a wider Q-angle than men as their hips are generally wider than men.

iii.    The weight of the shoe

Generally, women have 15% less muscle mass when compared to men, this translates to lighter shoes for standing all day for women than the men’s shoes which are a little heavier.

iv.    The fit of the shoe

This is a subjective parameter which may differ with each individual, generally speaking, men, with wider feet, may need a different fit than women
Since men and women are built differently, they need a different type of support for their legs and body when they have to stand all day. Beyond that, there are some generic things to consider while choosing the best shoe for standing all day.

10 Important Facts

So here are the 10 Important facts that you should know about choosing the best athletic shoes for standing all day:

1.    A well-cushioned sole

The sole of the shoe provides the major cushioning to the leg, it is a very important aspect as the sole not only provides cushion abut also acts as a shock absorber and prevents you from injury.
There are mainly three layers to the sole-
•    The bottom layer or outsole mainly takes care of the durability of the shoe
•    The middle layer or midsole provides maximum cushioning to the feet apart from acting as a shock absorber
•    The insole or sock liner provides arch support and additional shock absorption.

2.    A slip-resistant sole

This is a feature which would lend you more safety than comfort. A good slip resistant sole would be made from firm rubber and would help you be steady throughout. It is one of the most important features to look for as it would potentially save you from major injuries.

3.    The upper body of the shoe

There are two main things to notice here
•    The breathability of the material that forms the upper body of the shoe. Since the shoes would be worn all day along, it is essential that there is some way your legs get to breathe. This should also be considered in relation to the climate of the place where you would be using the shoes all day long.
•    Space provided to toes or toe room. There should be enough room to move your toes, otherwise, the toes would be cramped together all through the day leading to pain and diminished blood circulation.

4.    The construction material of the shoe

Broadly speaking, there are two types of materials that are mainly used for making shoes
•    Genuine leather – Shoes made from genuine leather are extremely comfortable as they stretch to accommodate your feet and don’t compress your toes. Genuine leather doesn’t lead to excessive sweat and is also very durable. The downside is that it could be difficult to clean these shoes.
•    Rubber and synthetic material -Shoes made from rubber and synthetic material could also be very comfortable and extremely easy to clean. It could lead to sweaty feet though due to reduced breathability.

5.    Consider your style of walking

Everyone has a different style of walking. It is sensible to choose a pair of shoes which supports your gait. It would also be a great idea to get a pair of shoes which would help you attain the correct style of walking.

6.    The heel support

Substantial and ideal heel support is provided when the shoe has a little bit of heel-to-toe differential, which essentially means that your heels should be a little raised compared to your feet, thereby reducing the pressure on your feet while standing for long hours.

7.    The arch support

Providing arch support is as important as providing heel support for your feet. Depending on the type of arches your feet have (high arches, normal arches or flat feet), you could select a shoe providing good arch support.

8.    Padding of the shoe

When looking out for comfortable shoes for standing all day, one of the first things you would pay attention to is the overall padding in the shoes. Though you may be tempted to think, the more padding, the better, it isn’t always true. Excessive padding may lead to problems so it is essential to look for moderate padding in shoes.

9.    The durability

It makes sense to choose a pair of shoes which would be durable, considering that they would be worn all through the day. There is no comfort like a pair of well-worn shoes, durability in the shoes that you choose, could give you that comfort.

10.    Maintenance

It goes without saying that the things that we use every day for a long duration of time need to be maintained properly. Your athletic shoes for standing all day are no different. The key is to select a pair of shoes that is easy to maintain.
Before you buy a pair of athletic shoes you plan to wear all day, do inquire about the above-mentioned points so that you get the best footwear that won’t cause you discomfort or any other injury.

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